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choosing an event venue


So, you’ve gotten engaged and now comes the fun part – Choosing an event venue! Booking your venue sets the tone for your whole wedding. Budget, decor, food, style etc. It’s all dependent on the venue you choose.

Sarah Mitchell, Owner of VIP Weddings & Events, has shared her top 4 tips when venue hunting!

  1. Does it have ‘That’ Feeling?

What tone do you want set for your wedding? Casual, Chic, Bohemian, Classic, Romantic, Modern, Funky? What does your pinterest board look like? See if you can narrow down a theme or two for your wedding. How do you want guests to feel when they walk in? This will narrow down your choices quite a bit!

      2. Location, Location, Location!

WHERE will your wedding be?  First consider if you want to stay in town or not. Remember, doing an out of town wedding comes with a lot of logistic planning, and many guests may not be able to attend.  If you’re staying in town, consider how many out of town guests you may have. If you have quite a few guests travelling, find a venue that is a hotel, or close to hotels.

Finally, outdoors, or indoors?? If planning an outdoor wedding, always have shelter! No matter the time of year, it is always possible to get a down pour – and many caterers also require shelter as part of their contracts.

     3.  BUDGET

What’s your budget? I’ve seen many couples make the mistake of going for the cheapest venue. Careful! You might be able to rent a hall for $200. But consider what you’ll spend on making that old community hall look good. Lights, draping, table cloths, chairs, backdrops and more! It takes a lot of decor to make a plain space look great. Spending a bit more on a venue with at least some of the bells and whistles will save you spending on decor.

     4. What’s Included?

Many venues come with in-house catering, an on-site venue coordinator, bartending services, linens and more! The ‘all-inclusive’ venue is gaining popularity, and for a good reason! There’s a huge convenience in this concept. However it does give you more to consider. You not only need to find a venue that has the right look, but also has good food & service. Be sure to check reviews, ask all the questions, and check all wedding packages for ‘fine print’.

Are you struggling with choosing an event venue? Of course we can help you with all that! Contact us today for a free consultation!